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Organizes, manages and prints photo images
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Terry Truly awful software. If I could give it zero starts I would. It freezes itself and my fully up to to date Win10 PC on almost every attempt to use it, even when nothing else is running. My advice is install the Canon InkJet Scan Utility and adjust the settings in that app to either start no software automatically after scanning OR an app you're happy with Canon's software developers should be thoroughly ashamed

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asd Totally not intuitive and garbage program :/ How in the hell can I get images back from a PDF files? Please create some box to do a multi scanning procedure. 0,5/5

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Patrick Cannon image garden is useless. DO NOT BUY. It is bafflingly complicated and you won't be able to find or even save any scans you have made. It drives me mad! You'll waste hours with it! I am dumping this toxic product.

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John Chandler Appalling - probably the slowest, chunkiest software there is and, apparently, it’s been like this for years.

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Brett Dickinson Awful piece of software, incredibly slow and cumbersome. The old scan utility I use with a earlier Canon printer is fast and easy to use. Like my new Canon printers but hate having to use Image Garden when scanning.

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Sue Markgraf I really hate My Image Garden. It's an extra step I don't need. How do I get rid of it and still scan on my Canon printer?

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Ricki I wish I would have found this page before I bought my new canon pixma printer. Love the printer. hate the software

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Canon Pixma user Very disappointed with My Image Garden. Totally un-user friendly and awful layout. Impossible to understand. I absolutely hate it.

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Beelady Seems simple enough...scan a photo and save as a jpg...NOT. I love the printer, hate the interface..omg...May just go out and buy a different printer just to make this pain go away..

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Mag Absolute garbage. Waste far too much time trying to get this piece of junk software to work. There must be an alternative. Shame on you, Canon!!!

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PThom Title says this is "a program that allows you to organize and print your photos." My OS contains the same thing, as I'd bet most or all Operating Systems do. Worse, the Canon "organizer" (the Image Garden) doesn't interface with your computer's file explorer. Imagine having a program on your computer with its own, proprietary file explorer. Except (a) it doesn't interface with your built-in file explorer, (b) is nested so far deep with the Canon's program subfolder's subfolder's subfolder's subfolder, that you'll pull your hair out trying to figure out where, exactly, your scans went, and (c) doesn't even give you the option to move anything, like a normal file explorer will do (i.e. there is no "copy, paste, cut," etc., so trying to get the image/document/etc from the Canon proprietary mess, to anywhere else on your machine, is futile).

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Robert Canon Image Garden is just awful.
Horribly non-intuitive. Every time I am forced to use it I wade through a clutter of confusion. The Scaning software is bafflingly stupid. Things like rotating an image - something that should take 3 seconds to figure out - are sometimes available, sometimes not, sometimes who knows where that function is. No setting for switching from landscape to portrait - at least that I can find anywhere.
Plus the program just runs and runs all the time on your monitor - no way to get rid of it.

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Guest Awful software! Have wasted so much time trying to use this junk! Not at all user friendly!

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Depressio There is absolutely no reason using this software, it is by far the most useless software that do nothing else than slowing you down (because without it you can do everything you could hope for and much faster). If you have fun to take 5 to 15 minutes to scan a document then go on, this software is for you!

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Hugh Kessler I teach photography and photoshop at a local college. I tell all my students not to buy Canon printers. The reason being is because of My Image Garden. I have 2 of your printers, an mx922 and a pro100. both printers are very good, but your software sucks. It freezes up 4 out of 5 times and will not run. I have to force stop it and then keep trying to get it to work. Most of the time I have to re-boot my computer and it still does not run. In addition I cannot find where the software stores my DVDs so I can back the files up or use them with different software. Canon has had this problem for several years and you just don't seem to care about your customers. If I could I would give you a minus 5 stars!
You've lost a customer, not just for printers, but also for cameras.

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